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Just connect your calendar to metroly,
and metroly will make your work-life easier.

Just connect your calendar and Time Insights will analyze your work-life balance.

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Do you start your week with an empty calendar and end it full of meetings?

  • How much time do I spend in meetings?
  • Who organizes my meetings?
  • Who do I meet with the most?
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Also by metroly
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Public transportation expenses in seconds.

Automatically identifies work related travel expenses and calculates route based on your calendar.

Minimal to zero data entry.

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*Japan Only

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About metroly

metroly is a startup based in Tokyo, Japan.

Online calendars have become an integral part of our life. We organize our personal and work schedules in the cloud and use our calendars to communicate our availability with our family and co-workers.

From our experience the most productive workers take advantage of everything that the calendar offers. They include date, time, place, details and attachments among other details.

Our goal at metroly is take all of the information you’ve entered into your calendar and make it work for you with smart applications that visualize your time and suggest ways to make your time more productive.

The executive team

Yusuke Oshiro

Yusuke Oshiro


CEO/CTO of metroly Inc. Founded metroly Inc in 2017 as a weekend project. Prior to going full time in 2020, Yusuke has spent 6 years taking on various tech roles in Google Cloud and Salesforce such as cloud architect, solution architect, and pre/post sales engineer.

CTO of R-Square & Company Inc.

Technical Advisor to tambourine inc.

Yusuke received his Master of Engineering from King’s College London.

Ken Wakamatsu

Ken Wakamatsu


CEO/CPO of metroly Inc. Prior to joining metroly in 2020, Ken spent 16 years building products in San Francisco at companies such as Salesforce, Cisco Systems, Kodak and Macromedia. Transferred to Salesforce Japan in 2016 and built the product management team from the ground up.

Executive Director of the Japan CPO Association. A non-profit organization working to build better products in Japan.

Advisor to Sansan Inc.

Ken received his BA from the University of California at Berkeley.


You wouldn’t share your calendar with strangers and neither will we. Your data is safe with metroly.

We will never share your data with advertisers or third parties.

Read our legal statements.