Take the Covid-19 schedule test

The pandemic has changed the way we work. See how Covid-19 has affected you. Ask yourself :

Was working from home what you expected?
How many more hours do you spend in meetings now that you don’t have to commute?
How many consecutive hours have you been sitting at your desk?

Take control of your calendar

Do you start your week with an empty calendar and end it full of meetings?

  • Time Insights analyzes your schedule in the upcoming weeks. Book some me time before you’re booked.

  • See who books your meetings and for what.


    See exactly how much you worked

    Had a busy week? Don’t know where your time went?

  • Review your meetings by count and hours.

  • Could you have had a more productive week if you met with more of some people and less with others?


    See who controls your calendar

    Who organizes your meetings?

  • Who invites you to meetings?

  • Are you optional?

  • How much time do your organizers give you to prep for meetings?


    Do you get enough me time?

    How many hours a day do you have to focus on your work?


    See your busiest time of the day, month, year

    See the patterns in your schedule.

  • Are you busier in a particular week, month, quarter?


    What is your real core time?

  • When do you really start working?

  • When does your day really end?

  • Do you end up working weekends?

    Also by metroly
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    Public transportation expenses in seconds.

    Automatically identifies work related travel expenses and calculates route based on your calendar.

    Minimal to zero data entry.

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