Plan smarter with Time Insights

Are your teams working remotely? Finding it difficult to plan resources? Leverage Google Calendar data to communicate with your team.
No set up required.

*Time Insights works with Google Calendar on Google Workspace
*Currently available on desktop and iPadOS browsers

Improve time management

Communicate what you’re working on

Eliminate task entry and time tracking

Visualize your
team’s schedule

See what your team is
working on

Align your priorities

Build strategies for effective collaboration

Identify available

See who has too much on their plate

Reassign work to balance load

Automate reminders to your team to plan the upcoming week

Make 1 on 1 meetings and reviews more productive

Also by metroly

Public transportation expenses in seconds.

Automatically identifies work related travel expenses and calculates route based on your calendar.

Minimal to zero data entry.
*Japan only

You wouldn’t share your calendar with strangers and neither will we. Your data is safe with metroly.
We will never share your data with advertisers or third parties.

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